Esperanza College was birthed from a tugging at the heart to impact the lives of people beyond the Sunday morning pulpit. It was, and is, a college unique to any other; an institution of redemption, grace and hope. This tug was felt by a group of Hispanic pastors in North Philadelphia in 1982 as they rallied together to serve a community suffering from poverty, unstable housing, low educational attainment, and high crime. The result was the creation of the Hispanic Clergy and in 1987, they developed a non-profit organization, called Nueva Esperanza Inc.

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Testimonials from Esperanza College Students

Tiffany VillafaneTiffany Villafane

Concentration:  Early Childhood Education

Why did you choose to attend Esperanza College?

“I chose to attend EC because I had just come to know Jesus Christ and I wanted to be in an academic environment where Christianity was valued. Not only have I received the spiritual guidance I was seeking but also the academic support.”  

Anthony RamosAnthony Ramos

Community and Human Services

What is your favorite class you’ve taken at EC?

“To narrow down my favorite class throughout my academic journey is not easy because many of my classes were amazing, but if I had to choose one, it would be Introduction to Social Work. My professor has led us through the semester understanding and getting us involved in the material itself. The class became more than just a Social Work class. During this class I’ve received a lot of life advice and gained a new perspective in the way I viewed people and the society around me.”

Osar Mejia Osar Mejia

Business Administration

What are your career goals and do you have plans to further your education?

“My career goal is to own my own business and be able to manage it myself. Another goal is to continue furthering my education so that I am able to make a greater impact in transforming my community. I plan to receive my Masters degree in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University and possibly a Ph.D. to become a college professor.”

Testimonials about Esperanza College Students

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help the students of Esperanza College. It’s a pleasure to be part of this marvelous experience... I am pretty sure this will be an unforgettable and learning experience [for students].” 

Bethzaida Bulter-López,
Norris Square Community Center

Testimonials from Esperanza College Students