Esperanza College was birthed from a tugging at the heart to impact the lives of people beyond the Sunday morning pulpit. It was, and is, a college unique to any other; an institution of redemption, grace and hope. This tug was felt by a group of Hispanic pastors in North Philadelphia in 1982 as they rallied together to serve a community suffering from poverty, unstable housing, low educational attainment, and high crime. The result was the creation of the Hispanic Clergy and in 1987, they developed a non-profit organization, called Nueva Esperanza Inc.

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Professor Tyrone Tomas

Accounting Program Overview

The Accounting program focuses on the core building blocks necessary to start or enter into a high-demand career. Not everyone understands numbers, so an accountant provides a critical service to the community. Students will obtain the educational foundation and experience necessary to enter the workforce. Whether self-employed or providing bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation and accounting assistance to others, accounting as a career provides a broad scope of opportunities.

The students will get a well rounded liberal arts education within the Faith-Reason-Justice character of Eastern University.

The program offers classes in Principles of Accounting, Economics, and Income Taxation. From the world concepts of economics, to the nature of numbers in finance, to applicable computer software, students can expect to gain a broad and useful set of skills. Faith-based principles will be brought into conversation within the field in terms of ethics and responsibility, to provide a moral core to the issues surrounding money. An opportunity for direct field work will also be offered. Other program classes will be added as determined by local needs and based on adding substantive development for students.

The students will get a well-rounded liberal arts education within the Faith-Reason-Justice character of Eastern University. This program is designed not just for immediate work experience, but offers the flexibility to fit into a business and accounting path in continued education. Courses taught here are concurrent with courses taught at Eastern University and other major institutions. The Accounting program is designed to flexibly equip students for further studies, certification testing in the field, and work-ready skills.