Esperanza College was birthed from a tugging at the heart to impact the lives of people beyond the Sunday morning pulpit. It was, and is, a college unique to any other; an institution of redemption, grace and hope. This tug was felt by a group of Hispanic pastors in North Philadelphia in 1982 as they rallied together to serve a community suffering from poverty, unstable housing, low educational attainment, and high crime. The result was the creation of the Hispanic Clergy and in 1987, they developed a non-profit organization, called Nueva Esperanza Inc.

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Business Administration

Professor Joyce Anderson

Business Administration Program Overview

Students choosing the Business Administration program can expect to find jobs in the areas of accounting, management, marketing, nonprofit management, operations, retail, sales, and other administrative positions. Students will gain insight into how to start and manage a small business and the importance of doing research in the marketplace. Students will also be exposed to concepts/theories in accounting, communications, economics, finance, leadership, marketing, personal finance, and strategic decision-making. Additionally, students will apply course material to real-life scenarios, using cutting-edge technology and business practices. Some course activities include: analyzing business case studies, creating business and marketing plans, starting and managing a small business, implementing basic financial planning techniques, and situation analysis.