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The opportunity of Esperanza College is that you can begin at any stage of life, wherever you are, y aún si el inglés es su segundo idioma. That’s what makes us being in this community so special. We are fully committed to the transformational power of faith, reason, and justice in our barrio/neighborhood and yours.

Esperanza is:


A college degree, especially from a private institution is expensive. However, at Esperanza College all of our students receive the Esperanza Grant, reducing the cost of an Eastern University tuition by half. Additionally, students can work with our staff to find additional grants, scholarships, and loans. To find out more about how Esperanza makes a college education affordable, read more about Financial Aid.


Here at Esperanza, we offer classes to meet your scheduling needs. Whether you are a traditional day student fresh out of high school or an adult at any stage of life working during the days, we can meet your needs. Read more about our Day, Evening, and Online class options.


Still not confident in your English? At Esperanza, we've got you covered. For students still working on the basics of English, we offer the Esperanza English Institute. Once you have a foundation, you can get started with college courses with bilingual professors and over time transition from lectures in Spanish to English. To learn more read about our Language Transition Track.


Esperanza College was created from a partnership between Esperanza and Eastern Universities, both faith-based institutions. All Esperanza College classes integrate Faith, Reason, and Justice.


Esperanza College is here for our neighbors, for the barrio, for the people of Philadelphia, and for people committed to transforming their communities.


While many of our students face more challenges than an average US college student, they excel. 99% are first generation college students, 57% are working while in school, 96% are low-income or eligible for FAFSA, 18% are have limited proficiency in English, 95% are minority students. But 64% of our graduates pursue bachelor's degrees, we hold a 93% retention rate, and our rate of students graduating in two years is about 4 times higher than other Associate degree institutions.

Request more information, visit, explore our website, or apply today to see how the Esperanza Opportunity could open the doors to your future.