Accepted Students | Esperanza College

Mission & Vision

The mission of Esperanza College, a Christian college program dedicated to the service of the Hispanic and local communities, is to enhance the knowledge, skills, and outlook of young people and adults so that they can live even more thoughtful, positive, productive, and purposeful lives.

We achieve our mission through the integration of faith, reason, and justice and acknowledge the importance of forming this integration within the academic program, in its instruction, and in the learning of our students, in order to:

A. develop a Christian worldview that informs intellect, attitude, and behavior;
B. sharpen skills of critical thinking, reflection, and analysis, as well as linguistic and communication skills;
C. appreciate the sources, values and contributions of Latino cultures; and lead to the enhancement of the spiritual, social, and economic well-being of the individual, the family, and the community.


Esperanza College seeks to provide members of the Hispanic and local communities a Christian faith-based education that is affordable and culturally appropriate so that they can continue their contributions to and leadership in their communities and become even more effective.


Eastern University is a Christian University dedicated to the preparation of undergraduate, theological, and graduate students for thoughtful and productive lives of Christian faith, leadership and service.  The mission is confirmed and celebrated when graduates believe their way into knowledgeable action that influences their world in substantial ways.