Transformative Stories

Esperanza has approximately 800 alumni. Of those close to 125 of its alumni have graduated with a bachelor’s degree, and over a dozen have graduated with a master’s degree. Approximately 350 are currently working on an associate, bachelor or master’s degree. Our alumni excel in their fields providing valuable contributions to their surrounding community. An environment of service is part of the transformation that it seeks to implement and exemplify through a curriculum built upon faith, reason, and justice.

Alexis Cruz

MA, Organizational Leadership, Eastern University, '19
BSW, Eastern University, '15
AA, Community and Human Services, '11

Seeking God in the darkest of places is human normality, but let us not forget that he is with us before and after those times. One night, Alexis became the victim of an overdose. He only realized the drugs had been laced after his heart began pounding like it was going to jump out of his chest. Knowing he very well might die, he cried out asking God to be with him, and God was. After being redeemed by God’s mercy, his parents welcomed him with open arms and agreed to help him battle his addiction. Alexis enrolled at Esperanza College, still struggling with addiction. One professor told him, “God is going to do big things through you, but you need to focus and get really serious with God.” With the support from faculty and staff, his mother, and God Alexis journeyed to recovery. During this journey, he managed to graduate with his first degree and returned to get his bachelor's through Eastern, while also starting to work at Esperanza as an Admissions Counselor. Alexis is now working on his Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership at Eastern’s 1601 Market Street location. Winning an election, he served as an Executive committee person for the 42nd ward of Philadelphia. Over the last three years, he has recruited over 200 students to Esperanza, helping transform the lives of many others just as his own life was transformed.

You can read more of Alexis' story in the which was featured in Eastern Magazine.

Demarie Pagan

AA, Business Administration, '16

Tydeara Wyche

AA, Early Childhood Education, '16


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