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Christian Ministry

Christian Ministry Program Overview

Rising and seasoned leaders enrolled in the Christian Ministry Program will be prepared and challenged to engage the world with the gospel to provide a witness of God’s love for all, particularly for underserved and oppressed groups for the world we live in today. Students will study ministry in the urban context as it relates to youth and immigrant communities. Given that in urban communities, the largest demographic population is youth; the curriculum includes courses in youth ministry for a more holistic perspective and preparation.

All courses for the Christian Ministry Program will be taken online, offering students the convenience to continue their ministerial work. The program’s core classes provide a biblical and theological foundation for ministry and an understanding of institutional forces that create need, injustice, and poverty along with strategies for addressing those needs. The program also offers students personal development for ministry through spiritual formation and supervised ministry skills. Students will engage in real life situations in ministry by way of field experience and discussions with seasoned experts to provide experience, insight, and knowledge. The intent is to prepare students to integrate faith, reason, and justice in the practice of their ministries while strengthening their leadership and ministerial capacity.