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Associate of Arts in Digital Communication 65 credit hoursCurriculum:  Course Number, Description, and Schedule CreditsSEMESTER  I INST 150Introduction to Faith, Reason, & Justice3CSCI 110Computer Literacy3ENGL 101Introduction to Academic English + Language Practicum4COMM 120Public Speaking3MATH 103 or MATH 220Mathematic Ideals or Statistics for Behavioral Sciences3SEMESTER  IICOMM 105Introduction to Mass Media3SPAN 101, 103, or 150Elementary Span I, Accelerated Spanish or Spanish for Natives 3ENGL 102College Writing (Pre-Req: ENGL 101)4BIBL 100The Biblical World in Contemporary Context3COMM 215Writing for Media3SEMESTER  IIITHEO 210Foundations of Christian Spirituality3ENGL 220Studies in the Novel and Short Fiction3COMM 240Rhetoric & Persuasion3COMM 331Social Media in Organizations3COMM 351Digital Storytelling (Digital Media Track)3COMM 290Production Practicum (taken concurrently with COMM 351)1SEMESTER  IV  ELECTIVESocial Science Elective3INST 161Heritage of Western Thought and Civilization3BIOL 104Human Biology4INST 270Justice in a Pluralistic Society3COMM 361Digital Media Production (Digital Media Track)3COMM 295Field Practicum (taken concurrently with COMM 361)1