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Associate of Science in Health SciencesCourse NumberCourse TitleCreditsSEMESTER  1INST 150Introduction to Faith, Reason, & Justice3CSCI 110 Computer Literacy3ENGL 101Introduction to Academic English and Language Practicum4COMM 120Public Speaking3MATH 140College Algebra*3SEMESTER  2SOCI 100Introduction to Sociology3SPAN 101AElementary Spanish I**3ENGL 102College Writing (Pre-Req: ENGL 101)4CHEM 121/3General Chemistry/Laboratory I4BIOL 233Anatomy and Physiology I4SEMESTER  3BIBL 100The Biblical World in a Contemporary Context3MATH 220Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences3PSYC 100General Psychology3CHEM 122/4General Chemistry II/Laboratory II4BIOL 234Anatomy and Physiology II4SEMESTER 4INST 161Heritage of Western Thought and Civilization3INST 270Justice in a Pluralistic Society3THREEFOCUS ELECTIVES***MEDA 150 Medical TerminologyEXSC 220 Basic Nutrition SciencePSYC 207 Lifespan Human DevelopmentBIOL 151 General Biology IBIOL 152 General Biology IIBIOL 216 Introduction to Microbiology9-11* Higher level Math may be taken based on Accuplacer placement scores** Enrollment into more advanced courses is based on program criteria.** Based on advisement for health science specialization.To learn more about these courses, read the Course Descriptions.