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Medical Assisting


Esperanza College intends its graduates to be able to pursue their dreams to the fullest potential. A recent Title V Grant has provided Esperanza College with an exciting possibility for prospective students in the health care industry. With a degree in Medical Assisting, graduates will be qualified to work in the health care industry as an integral support to doctors and other health professionals by performing critical clinical and administrative tasks. Training consists of providing basic medical functions, becoming knowledgeable in patient care, and enabling quality and accurate preparation of patients. Students will have a solid grasp of medical insurance and billing procedures and will obtain technical skills that will enable them to take part in any working environment.

The Medical Assisting Degree also provides students with a scientific background. Laboratories and class activities are designed to help students discover their dreams of becoming a healthcare professional.

Esperanza College provides an Associate Degree in Applied Science and the opportunity to sit for a nationally recognized Certified Medical Assistant exam, as well as Safety and First Aid Certification. Unlike a liberal arts education, the Associate in Applied Science provides the General Education up-front and allows for heavy concentration of critical concentration courses, readying students for academic rigor in the medical sciences.

Medical assisting is foundational to the running of operations of any healthcare organization or business. Medical assistants enable care and provide service to the community that is highly rewarding as a career track on its own. There is growing need for healthcare professionals, and particular for qualified and certified medical assistants. Take a look at the exciting Curriculum to see if Medical Assisting is right for you!