Adnan Gill

MS, Education with a concentration in Math, Cairn University
BE, Mechanical Engineering, NED University of Engineering Technology

Professor Adnan Gill’s unique background with a bachelor's in engineering and a master's in education helps him explain many of the practical applications of what he teaches and gives him insight into how students learn. Being born and raised in another country has given him a different perspective on life that he strives to share with his students.

At Esperanza, professors can teach the content, along with presenting the gospel. So when Professor Gill teaches math or physics, he does not have to put his Christian faith aside as expected in our society. Professor Gill presents the God who made the universe while teaching the laws that run the universe.  Students can expect a hardworking and honest professor.  He has a maxim: work hard, and then work a little more. Through the courses he teaches, he tries to inculcate in his students the need to working hard at whatever they need to do, to work for God, not for people, not even for themselves.

Courses taught: 
PHYS 101 | Introduction to Physics - First Semester
PHYS 102 | Introduction to Physics- Second Semester
Calculus III

Email - agill4@eastern.edu

Hyacinth Wood

MEd, Arcadia University
MS in Biology, Howard University
BS in Zoology, Howard University

Professor Hyacinth Wood comes to Esperanza with a Masters degree in Biology and one in Secondary Education. Her academic background provides her with the foundation to successfully meet the needs of her students. “Monday night is one of my greatest weekly highlights. It is the night I get to teach my Biology 104 students at Esperanza College. Every week I get to highlight not only Biology as a topic but also, Biology as it applies to everyday life and importance of understanding our connection to this earth and the role of God in our lives.” Her students can count on her to not only align the material to their lives but also accomplish this in a manner that is respectful, fun and relevant. She considers learning is an important part of her identity. 

Courses Taught: 
BIOL 104/BIOL 104L | Human Biology

Email - hwood1@eastern.edu