Program Director | Nilsa Graciani

Nilsa R. Graciani, Ph.D. joined the team at Esperanza College in July 2011 as an Adjunct Professor. In October 2013 she assumed the position of Director for Middle Level Education, Math and Science.

A native of Puerto Rico, Dr. Graciani graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, with a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Chemistry. She continued her studies in Organic Chemistry at Texas A&M University, where she earned her Ph. D. Prior to her work at Esperanza, Nilsa held research scientist positions in the pharmaceutical industry. Her research included work with peptides and small molecules in various therapeutic areas including cancer, cardiovascular, inflammation, infectious diseases and women’s health. She has been a speaker at scientific and health conferences.

Nilsa lives in Garnet Valley, PA with her husband and three children. She is actively involved at her church and her children’s schools. She is on the Advisory Board of the Latina Leadership Network at the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Susan G. Komen Latina Advisory Board. She has also been an influential part in the development of the Hunting Park Science Network in Philadelphia. She’s been instrumental in running the first robotics club at Esperanza College and was honored in 2014 as Community Partner of the Year by the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Her role at Esperanza allows her to impact younger generations by sharing her passion and developing in them a love for teaching and becoming professionals in STEM-related fields.

David Myers

Doctor of Chiropractic, National University of Health Sciences
B.S. in Human Biology, National University of Health Sciences
B.S. in Biology, Saint Francis University

Dr. David Myers enjoys teaching at Esperanza College because of the amazing diversity of the students’ backgrounds, experiences, and skills. Students at Esperanza are often working full or part-time, some have families, and many have other unique situations that make learning a challenge. School is something they have chosen to do, and their dedication inspires him to excel as their instructor. This diversity also means that they have a great deal of personal experience to add to our classroom, making the lessons some of the most vibrant and interesting ones Dr. Myers has ever taught. 

In the classroom, his goal is to use effective instructional strategies that meet the needs of all learners. He utilizes technology to reach today’s students. Not only does he instruct students in what to learn but he also helps them develop how to learn. He utilizes learner-centered teaching, guided inquiry, active learning, lecture and group work as approaches to make an often-difficult subject matter easier to understand. Dr. Myers brings to Esperanza College a love of learning, a lifelong interest in his subject and years of clinical experience. He considers teaching at Esperanza College to give the most rewarding experiences of his career.

Courses Taught: 
BIOL 233/BIOL 233L | Human Physiology and Anatomy I
BIOL 234/BIOL 234L | Human Physiology and Anatomy II

Hyacinth Wood

Master of Education, Arcadia University
MS in Biology, Howard University
BS in Zoology, Howard University

Professor Hyacinth Wood comes to Esperanza with a Masters degree in Biology and one in Secondary Education. Her academic background provides her with the foundation to successfully meet the needs of her students. “Monday night is one of my greatest weekly highlights. It is the night I get to teach my Biology 104 students at Esperanza College. Every week I get to highlight not only Biology as a topic but also, Biology as it applies to everyday life and importance of understanding our connection to this earth and the role of God in our lives.” Her students can count on her to not only align the material to their lives but also accomplish this in a manner that is respectful, fun and relevant. She considers learning is an important part of her identity. 

Courses Taught: 
BIOL 104/BIOL 104L | Human Biology