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Mission and Goals

General Education Purpose Statement:

The core curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences strives to advance the University’s mission of preparing students for thoughtful and productive lives of Christian faith, leadership, and service. To accomplish this goal, the core curriculum explores the liberal arts and sciences from a Christian perspective. The core curriculum shapes students who are knowledgeable about the world and the natural and social sciences and who are competent in the essential, college-level skills of critical thinking, reflection, analysis and communication. Moreover, the core curriculum enables students to appropriate and give witness to a Christian worldview – one that recognizes the unity of God’s truth, the importance of character formation and Christian community, the mandate to be stewards of creation and to practice justice, and the call to witness to the fullness of the gospel. Through excellent instruction in a variety of disciplines, a focus on student learning and transformation, and a shared commitment to the values of faith, reason, and justice, the core curriculum is ordered toward the service of God, humanity, and creation.

General Education Program Goals:

  1. Effective Communication - To be an effective leader and professional, one needs to be able to communicate clearly in a variety of contexts and to a variety of audiences.  This requires developing skills in writing, speaking and listening. Moreover, the ability to use technology responsibly and effectively is increasingly important in the digital age in which we are now living.
  2. Critical Reasoning - We live in a time in which we are bombarded with information.  It is vital to develop skills that allow one to sort through information, analyze sources and evidence, reason through problems, and arrive at conclusions that are grounded in fact and truth.
  3. Cultural and Global Awareness - It is crucial to understand the historical and cultural forces and movements that have created and continue to shape different perspectives and ways of thinking, knowing, and acting.  This requires an understanding of the traditions that have formed one’s own assumptions and viewpoints, as well as an awareness of the beliefs, values, and practices of other cultures.
  4. Christian Faith and Practice - We desire to form individuals who are shaped in the image and likeness of Christ.  We acknowledge that we are whole persons, whose minds, hearts and bodies are gifts from God.  Such gifts demand excellent stewardship, rooted in an understanding of Scripture and cultivated through the practices of Christian discipleship.
  5. Commitment to Justice - We live in a broken world that nonetheless can be transformed by the power and grace of God.  We believe that God acts through individuals and the institutions they create and inhabit to bring about justice and reconciliation.

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