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Is Online Learning a good fit for me?

Online learning lends incredible flexibility to the student. The student can study when and where they chose. However, online learning is not for everyone. Online Learning is a great opportunity that we are excited to offer, but we want to make sure that you are in a program that will best support your success. Please seriously consider whether this method of learning is a good fit for you before committing to any program. Below we include thought to help you make your decision:


Learning Styles
What kind of learner are you? Visual? Oratory? Kinesthetic? Online Learning tends to be reading and writing based, but it is important that whatever your learning style, that you can take the material and find a way to understand it.

If you cannot understand something, find outside sources to assist you. Be ready to take advantage of the vast information available online. Find ways to teach yourself

If you set a schedule, can you commit to following it? Students studying through online learning will have support, but not the same form of support that sharing a physical classroom with others will have. 

Time Management
Do you have a handle of your schedule? Do you find you finish tasks on time or ahead of time? Or do you find that you procrastinate, need reminders, turn in assignments late or not at all? Since online courses do not have scheduled class sessions or regular reminders from attended a class to get your tasks done, it is essential that students manage their time well. In the classroom setting, students are more likely to remind each other of assignments, teachers frequently will remind students of tasks, and the schedule of the class provides structure. Which is the best fit for you?

Are face-to-face interaction and classroom discussion important to you?

Computer and Internet access
Esperanza College will help you get a computer, but do you have regular access to a reliable internet source? If not, will it be difficult for you to gain this? Are you comfortable with computers and technology? Are you able to learn things fairly quickly? We won't have you coding the plans to the next Mars mission, but you should be comfortable using computers and learning new interfaces.

Do you like to figure out directions on your own or do you like to be walked through each step?

Reading/Writing Ability
Esperanza is committed to helping students develop their language skills, but in online learning, since the majority of the communication will be written, it is essential that the student is able to understand and communicate clearly. Skills will continue to be developed through coursework.

Have you been able to stay on top of your emails, texts, and phone calls? For most classes, it is very important to check both your email and the online learning interface frequently.

Time Commitment
The average full-time student at Esperanza spends 12  hours in class each week. For each hour of class, the students spend additional time outside of the classroom on homework. Online Learning is still a huge time commitment. It is more flexible, but a part-time student still should expect to spend 15-20 hours each week dedicated to their studies. Is this something you have the flexibility to do?