Accepted Students | Esperanza College

Path to B.A.

Are you interested in getting your bachelor's? Getting a bachelor's degree can be extremely useful as it expands your educational experience and can open up an expanse of job opportunities. Esperanza is an excellent first step towards getting your bachelors' degree. As part of Eastern University, all Esperanza College students are already on track to receive a 4-year degree from Eastern, an established, accredited, steadfast institution. By starting at Esperanza, students can save money through the Esperanza College grant which covers 50% of Eastern University's tuition, and likely through housing and preparing their own food. They will find greater support through our small class sizes, academic support options, cohorts, and curriculum.

On average, our programs cover over 75% of the Eastern University's General Education requirements, or 30 of the 38 credits required. To continue at Eastern, some of our programs will only require 3 additional courses to complete the general education requirements, all while also getting our students off to a good start in the academic area of their choice.

Eastern University's beautiful main campus is located in St. Davids, PA, 18 miles from Esperanza College. If the St. Davids location is not an option for you, they also offer select programs online, and in Center City, East Falls, and even at Esperanza!

If Eastern isn't for you, all of our programs are still accredited. Though it will depend on the requirements of each college or university, the strong foundation in general education should prove extremely useful for you moving forward and the majority of them ought to be accepted for credit in bachelor's programs.

So what are you waiting for? Start on the path to a four-year degree today!