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Accepted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Esperanza College of Eastern University! To complete the enrollment process and confirm your acceptance we’ve organized a guide to help you be successful and prepared for the first day of college.


Accepted Student Days are required for the registration process and enrollment.

During Accepted Student Days, students will:
> Take ID photos
> Sign paperwork
> Take placement tests (only some students)
> Pay registration fee
> Bring a non-refundable enrollment deposit for $75, money order only, made payable to Eastern University.

SIGN UP! Please call the admissions office at 215-324-0746, x410 to confirm your attendance.


Esperanza College offers a Bridge Program to help students be academically prepared for college-level work. Bridge typically a few weeks prior to the start of each semester.

COST: The cost for the Bridge Program is $50 by money order only and is to be made payable to Nueva Esperanza Inc.


Freshmen Week is the first week of classes dedicated to the development and empowerment of our freshman students. Topics covered during Freshmen week include study skills, time management, learning about the various office functions, understanding and awareness of policies and procedures, financial aid, and much more. Freshmen Week is also an important time to build teamwork and unity amongst you, your classmates, and cohort.

Participation in Freshmen Week is mandatory for all first-year students at Esperanza College.

Check with your admissions counselor or our student calendar for dates.