Getting the right academic support services is essential to your academic success.

Thankfully, Esperanza College of Eastern University has three different types of tutoring services to help you get the best GPA ever!

  • Individual Tutoring Sessions – One-on-one tutoring sessions are available on campus and through Zoom.
  • Supplementary Instruction (SI) – Tutors attend an English or a math class to understand exactly what students are learning. Afterwards, the tutor conducts a group study session to review the course material, answer questions and help students gain confidence in what they are learning.
  • Online Tutoring – provides students with online tutoring in over 50 different subjects 24/7 including subjects in Spanish! There is also an Essay Drop Off option!


Student Success Workshop provide students with strategies to on how to improve their study skills, time management skills and organizational skills. Visit the Student Success Hub and speak with the director for upcoming Student Success Workshops.


Students who have a documented learning or physical disability that interferes with their student success can apply to receive academic accommodations. Student must complete the Application for Accommodation and deliver it to the Accommodations coordinator at Esperanza College.

Campus Ambassadors

Campus Ambassadors are student leaders that contribute to campus improvement projects and initiatives that include, but are not limited to, Bridge Programs, New Student Orientation, Campus and Virtual Tours, Chapel and Social Media advertisements.


  • Weekly meetings with Student Coordinator to discuss current and future campus improvement projects.
  • Collaborate and participate in campus improvement projects.
    • Frequently share, “student perspective” on college life during campus tours and campus gathering.
    • Participate in LIVE and recorded videos to advertise Esperanza College.
    • Help new and current students.

Contact Information

Sully Mori