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Early Childhood Director Credential Certification Program

This is a three-course program that prepares students to gain the skills needed to lead an Early Childhood center effectively.

Esperanza College provides an environment where individuals develop their knowledge of Christian principles and developmentally appropriate practice to the education of young children from various backgrounds and ability levels. The Early Childhood Director Credential Certification program meets the educational requirements for the Pennsylvania Director Credential. To participate, students must have at a minimum an earned associate degree.

  • A pre-req for the  program is have at least 9 credits in ECE courses. An official college transcript is required (signed and sealed); however, an unofficial transcript can be used temporarily for admissions purposes.
  • A requirement is to be in an administrative role or at least have administrative responsibilities
  • EDUC 327 – Early Childhood Education: Principles and Procedures
  • EDUC 234 – Child and Adolescent Development
  • EDUC 338 – Nonprofit management for Early Childhood Centers