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COVID Information


  • City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health: The Health Department has mandated that every student and staff member in colleges and universities in the city of Philadelphia must be fully vaccinated with an approved COVID19 vaccination. 
  • Entering the College: Everyone will be required to complete the daily check in at the entrance to the College and answer questions about any possible COVID 19 exposure, travel or symptoms. You may use the QR code to answer questions on your device or complete the questions in hard copy form. 
  • Face Masks or Face Shields: It has been proven that the wearing of masks is highly effective in preventing the transmission of COVID19 disease. A mask must be properly worn (completely covering nose and mouth) in the building for the duration of the time, unless you are in a room alone. 
    • Instructors who are vaccinated may remove their mask to teach the class as long as there is a safe distance between them and the first row of students 
    • Student meetings, peer or visitor meetings should not take place in staff offices, conference rooms or open designated meeting spaces should be used
  • Eating: Eating in classrooms, meeting rooms, Success Center and Act 1010 rooms is prohibited in the College building. Please use the cafeteria area for eating or when getting items from the snack machines. You may remove your mask briefly at this time.  Do not bring or order food to be delivered to the building, there is no eating in the classrooms, science labs, meeting rooms or media labs.
  • Hand Hygiene: Use the hygiene stations equipped with hand sanitizer located at the entrance to the College and in other areas of the building. Use soap and water in the bathrooms and cleanse hands for at least 20 seconds and rinse.  
  • Social Distancing: please avoid congregating in groups in the building. At this time there are no social distancing guidelines from the CDC or the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. However, until every student and staff member is vaccinated there is still a risk of contracting COVID19. Maintain 3 to 6 foot distancing.
  • Safe Building Environment: Esperanza is committed to maintaining a safe environment by providing hand sanitizing supplies and increased cleaning and sanitization schedules and other CDC recommended adjustments in the building.