If you are anything like the average adult, you are spending more time interacting with media and technology each day then you are sleeping.

It’s simple, we are surrounded by media tech at home and at work and it’s going to increase even more. You’re likely consuming media through multiple screens, interacting with Alexa, Siri, Google, or some other Smart Assistant, making your voice heard creating content through social media, learning and being entertained through podcasts, experiencing the world differently through augmented reality and IoT, consuming mobile apps or doing pretty much anything with the powerful mobile computer that is your smart phone. The world is changing quickly and if you know how to use the latest technology to tell powerful stories, you can make a difference and have plenty of exciting career opportunities.

At Esperanza College of Eastern University, we believe that God is the master storyteller and that He created us as storytellers. We also believe in hands-on learning so you will learn in professional facilities and be able to check out equipment to work on your productions. This industry is all about practice and opportunity, and that is a priority for us. We are here to help prepare you to have an exciting and successful career while also having a positive influence in our community through the stories you tell.

The A.A.S. in Media & Technology prepares you to create content working as a digital media producer, videographer, editor, web designer, mobile app developer, social media specialist, and a variety of other related jobs. You can work creating content in traditional media entities, in the field of medicine, in government, in the police department, at a non-profit, in education, in any type of business, any other field, or be your own boss as an entrepreneur. You can also continue your studies and get your bachelor’s degree and beyond. In our program you will be taught by professors who are active in their fields, who are on a similar journey as yours, and who are committed to investing their life and sharing their experience and knowledge to help you succeed.

If you seek a more content-creation oriented degree to prepare you for a career as a digital content specialist, PR specialist, strategic communication specialist, and related fields, then consider our A.A. in Digital Communication.

Program Student Learning Goals
  • Students should know and demonstrate a critical understanding of communication history, theory, and practice.
  • Students will acquire specific skills and competencies in digital media design, production, new media networks, and technology.
  • Students can identify, analyze, and understand the audience and the contexts (spiritual, social, cultural, political, and legal) in which messages are produced, disseminated, and interpreted as they strive to ameliorate spiritual and social issues as well as injustices that communication choices can create, perpetuate, and conceal.
  • Students will apply the knowledge they have gained to produce and distribute integrated multi-platform / transmedia stories, web design, new media channels, and mobile applications that are appropriate to a variety of communication purposes, situations, and audiences.
  • Students will be equipped for success through educational, social, and spiritual enrichment.

Hands-on learning is a key part of how you learn, so getting field experience is an essential element of the Esperanza College program and is offered for students to gain first-hand experience in the field they plan to pursue. For students in the Media & Technology program, field experience/internship opportunities may take place with local media entities, media production companies, web & mobile app development agencies, Teatro Esperanza, and the media and marketing departments in corporations or government entities. These and others provide paid and unpaid internships.

Upon enrollment in the program, you will work with the program director to find the best placement for your field experience. The field experience/internship usually takes place during the last semester of your associate degree program.

Labs and Equipment
  • Learning in a professional environment with the type of equipment you will be using in your career is part of how we help you prepare for an exciting career. Labs are available outside of class time. Please reserve with the Program Director.
  • Labs / Facilities – Equipment – Links to a variation of Esperanza Film & TV Equipment List – Esperanza


Dr. David Hurtado, Program Director

Dr. David Hurtado, Program Director

PhD in Communication/Regent University School of Communication & the Arts
Master in Business Administration/Regent University School of Business & Leadership
BS in Broadcasting/Toccoa Falls College

Dr. David Hurtado is the Director of the Department of Digital Communication, Media, and Technology. He has been working in the media & technology industry for many years. His passion is to use storytelling, media, and technology to help transform communities one life at a time with God’s love. In addition to working and teaching in the U.S., he’s had the opportunity to work and teach in Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and online. He counts it a privilege to be able to come alongside you and help you succeed as you prepare to achieve your dreams and calling. Dr. Hurtado is originally from Bolivia, grew up in Miami, and lives in Philadelphia.

Courses taught:

  • COMM 105 | Introduction to Mass Media
  • DCOM 251 | Media Law, Ethics, & Leadership
  • MPRO 295 | Media Field Practicum
  • MTEC 101 | New Media Networks & Technologies
  • MTEC 295 | Technology Field Practicum

David Hopkins

Professor David Hopkins

Professor David Hopkins has been working in digital media and technology for over 25 years. He is the Director of the Princeton Broadcast Center. He is a director, producer, and executive who has directed/produced video projects with some of the most influential people in the world including CEOs, presidents, kings, queens, scientists, and religious leaders. He constantly strives for excellence and states “he is not happy until (his clients) are delighted with the work I have given to them.” He has a B.S. in Mass Communication from North Central University and a Master of Education from Strayer University. Prof. Hopkins is also on the media team at his Church.

Courses taught:

  • MPRO101| Principles of Design & Production

Christina Faith Johnson

Professor Christina Faith Johnson

Professor Christina Faith is a powerful visionary bringing to life stories that have been lost or marginalized. She is a director, writer, producer, and educator. Born in New Jersey to a casino and drug-dealing hustler, her life journey is the kind of school of hard knocks story filled with the complexities and nuances of a woman bound for greatness. She and her husband own Creative Thought Media (CTM), a full-service production company focusing on creating original content and educational mentorship. For over 10 years she’s been producing short films, documentaries, music videos, an Amazon Prime digital series (Single and Anxious), a feature film (Love You Right: A R&B Type Musical) available on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and other digital outlets, and is currently in production of a feature film for network television. She has a B.A. in Criminal Justice & African Studies from Rutgers University and a Master of Divinity from Eastern University.

Courses taught:

  • COMM 290 | Production Practicum
  • MPRO 201 | Media Production I
  • MPRO 290 | Media Production Practicum

Santiago Leon

Professor Santiago Leon

Professor Santiago Leon is a web and mobile app developer, WordPress guru, podcaster, digital media producer, and journalist with over 10 years of experience. He is an entrepreneur / owner of sleon productions a tech solutions company that specializes in web design, e-commerce, online and social media marketing, and audio/video production. He has a Master of Arts in Communications Technology from Regent University.

Courses taught:

  • MTEC 201| Web & Mobile Technologies I
  • MTEC 251| Web & Mobile Technologies II
    MTEC 290 | Technology Practicum

Marshall Mattie

Professor Marshall Mattie

Professor Marshall Mattie is a video production specialist with over 20 years of TV Studio and field production experience. He has worked as a director, technical director, production manager, videographer, and engineering associate with NBC Sports Philadelphia, QVC, Comcast, Spinnaker Multimedia Solutions, several local TV stations, cable networks, and church media teams. He has a Bachelor of Science in Television Production from Ithaca College.

Courses taught:

  • MPRO 251| Media Production II

Dwight Wilkins

Professor Dwight Wilkins

Professor Dwight Wilkins has over 20 years of experience as a writer, director, producer, dramaturg, and educator. He has written and directed two feature films and is currently developing other film projects. He has a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production and a Master of Fine Arts in Playwriting from Ohio University and a BA in Film Studies from Brooklyn College.

Courses taught:

  • MPRO 201 | Media Production I
  • MPRO 290 | Production Practicum