The Business Administration program is focused on providing the business skills necessary to prepare the student for careers in areas such as accounting, management, marketing, nonprofit management, operations, retail, sales, and other administrative positions.

It does this by giving students a solid foundation and a Christian perspective in accounting, communications, economics, finance, leadership, marketing, personal finance, strategic decision-making, and entrepreneurship. It provides insight on how to start and mange a small business and the importance of doing research in the marketplace. The goal is to expose students to real-life scenarios using cutting-edge technology and business practices to give them a marked advantage in the marketplace.

Program Student Learning Goals
  • Students will identify and analyze business principles and how they impact on the business profession and them as Christians and a Christian worldview.
  • Students will apply the foundational skillset of marketing and what ingredients are necessary to successfully market products in the marketplace
  • Students will develop knowledge of management/leadership and analyze how effective management and leadership strategies impact the workplace
  • Students will develop functional skillsets of business communication and analyze how effective communication strategies impact the workplace.
  • Students will demonstrate personal and professional decision making around budgeting, financial services, personal taxation, consumer credit, housing, and investing.

* Students may substitute more advanced courses if able to meet specific course prerequisites.
** Consult advisor before selecting from available elective courses during the academic term.


Field experience is an essential element of the Esperanza College program and is offered for students to gain first-hand experience in the field they plan to pursue. For students in the business administration program, field experience opportunities may include the Defense Logistics Agency, PNC Bank, and AmeriHealth. These and others provide paid and unpaid internships.

Upon matriculation into the program, students will be informed of field experience placement and timeline from the Program Director.

Four Year Plan

The Business Administration program provides a strong foundation for further coursework towards a bachelor’s degree. Upon completing their Associate’s degree at Esperanza College, students can continue working towards a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution. The exact number of credits transferred is determined by each receiving institution, but those who choose to continue at Eastern University can do so without missing a beat: the two years of undergraduate work along with the initial prerequisites of the program will be counted toward the degree without any loss of credits.

Esperanza College graduates in business administration are prepared to continue within the Business Department at Eastern University in the following areas:


Keshia Butler-Thomas, M.M. Program Director 

Keshia Butler-Thomas, M.M.  Program Director

Keshia Butler-Thomas, M.M., is a dedicated educator, leveraging her extensive experience in digital marketing to shape the minds of future professionals. Serving as the Founder and CEO of LCK Consulting Services, a leading digital marketing agency, Keshia has been instrumental in guiding businesses through the complexities of the digital landscape, driving remarkable growth.

Driven by a profound passion for innovation and technology, Keshia assumes the role of Director of Business, eSports, and Media and Technology at Esperanza College of Eastern University. Here, she channels her expertise to empower students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills vital for success in today’s rapidly evolving digital environment.