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Hope Pathways “No Fee” Summer Program – Happening Now!


Join us for a week of FUN and SCIENCE and become a member of the STEM-Gen!
Grades 10 through 12

The Hope Pathways Summer Camp is a hands-on, informative, inquiry-based event that is a great introduction to how experiments are performed in research labs.

In ONE week the program runs from Benchwork Bootcamp to Experimental Analysis ALL performed by you, the students, using techniques and equipment common to researchers all around the world.

You will be introduced to basic genetics, observe the stages of fruit fly development, and work to make connections between diet and health.

Program’s Time Commitment:

This is a one-week summer camp, four hours per day for five days (see dates in next page). Participants will be provided with all the equipment needed for the camp.

Application Requirements/ Application Deadline:

  • Students finishing 10th, 11th or- 12th grade are welcome to apply.
  • Students MUST commit to participate in all 5 days of the camp.
  • Student must complete an application form and write a 1-2 page essay;
  • Submission of a letter of recommendation (See details, page 3)
  • Have a parent’s or guardian’s permission to apply.

Complete the application at your earliest convenience!

Esperanza College
4261 N 5th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140

Course Fee:
No fee. This program is supported with a GSK STEM Equity charitable grant.


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